Tractor in field at Ragley

Ragley Home Farms

There is much more to Ragley Estate than the Hall and its fascinating history. Ragley Home Farms is a 3,500 acre arable and sheep LEAF-Marque certified farm. At the centre of the farm’s ethos is a balanced approach to conservation and environmental protection.
Suffolk-cross mule ewes graze the Ragley parkland throughout the year, before being brought indoors during the winter months and lambing season.

With Ragley Home Farm’s belief in the importance of farming to enrich the environment a huge range of natural habitats are protected within the farm including those around the River Arrow, estate parkland, ponds and woodlands.

The estate has established six metre margins around all arable fields to help provide suitable habitats to an assortment of animals and insects.

As a LEAF Demonstration Farm careful planning, accurate applications and appropriate selection of products and application equipment are all part of a fully integrated approach to farming. Crops are rotated to minimise the risk of disease and seed varieties are important to protect the crop. The farm optimises the use of essential inputs, only using what is needed. Soils are tested regularly to measure nutrient and soil health and crop cultivations are carried out across banks to reduce soil erosion risks.

We want to share what we are doing to combine profitable farming practise with environmental stewardship. Visits to Ragley Home Farms can take place throughout the year. To organise a visit, please contact the LEAF Office.

Lady standing by tractor
Tractor in field
Sheep in field
Sheep in field
Ragley home farms farmers
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