Ragley Estate

The House, Gardens & Park

A picture perfect backdrop

The Hall is made up of an array of decadently designed state rooms ranging in style, colour and décor. The opulent settings of each environment offer unique and adaptable spaces that can be developed for a multitude of film & photography projects.

Ragley’s most memorable location comes in the form of a beautifully illustrated staircase. The South Staircase mural, painted over 14 years by artist Graham Rust, depicts the story of The Temptation from The Bible. The Earth and all its riches illuminate the walls of the staircase through depictions of exotic animals, oriental architecture and tropical foliage. Flamingos, a cheetah, pink ibis and toucans decorate the walls, whilst UFOs fly amongst the clouds and a loyal butler watches down from the highest peak. The mural makes for an affluent backdrop for fashion photography, or entrance scene in a film project.

The James Gibbs designed plasterwork of The Great Hall echoes the classical period of baroque architecture, baring resemblance to early Greek and Roman styles. The symbols of love and peace, fire and war adorn the fireplaces at the centre of the grand ballroom, and depictions of the four continents frame the doorways at each corner of the room.

From masquerade balls to diamond heists, the Great Hall has complimented many onscreen productions over the years.

The huge floor-to-ceiling windows which offer natural lighting and never-ending views of the finest Warwickshire countryside make it a picture-perfect backdrop for a multitude of photographic commissions.

Our Green Drawing Room and Red Saloon are the perfect blank canvas spaces, ready to be dressed for your project. The fabric wallpapers of both rooms increase the intensity of the colour and emphasise the lavishness of their environments. Paintings on the walls are sister pieces to those within The Wallace Collection in London.

Our Mauve Drawing Room lends itself to conceptually styled high fashion shoots or intimate film scenes. The illustrated and decadently designed gold ceilings highlight the strong features of the room, including its mother of pearl and tortoiseshell keyed Bösendorfer piano. Adjacent to the Mauve, is the Prince Regents Bedroom, similar in style, with an adjoining dressing room complete with a wall of antique porcelain.

Painted walls at Ragley Hall
Painted staircase at Ragley Hall
Ragley Hall painted walls
Ragley Hall painted walls
Painted walls at Ragley Hall

Eclectic and utterly unique

The North Staircase, unlike its eccentrically painted counterpart, offers a more gothic setting, showcasing a collection of military memorabilia.

The State Dining Room, painted in bright yellow to match the colour of the 8th Marquess’ favourite jumper and to illuminate the north facing room, is lined with Regency silver and framed with portraits of historical British monarchs and politicians.

The east-facing Breakfast Room, complete with a secret bookshelf passage, and box-seat windows, overlooks the front courtyard to Ragley and across to the Polo Field. In the centre of the Breakfast Room, sits a 1756 chimneypiece made of pearwood, that gives the impression of an ornate marble depiction of a country scene.

Framed with floor-to-ceiling bookcases are the Library and Family study. Comfortably set with sofa suites around the central fireplace, it’s an intimate location, with a backdrop of historic books. Perfect for portraiture photography or as a high-end haute couture fashion shoot setting.

26 acres of formal gardens surround the Hall, featuring a seasonal rose garden designed by the outstanding Victorian horticulturist Robert Marnock, lovingly maintained and developed by the gardens team – perfect for a classic English Garden Party scene. Looking across the view from the rose gardens, sits Ragley’s woodland avenue, a breath-taking divide between the forestry sitting on the edge of Ragley’s West Park, ready to be brought to life with the protagonist’s procession or for a period carriage arrival.

Also encompassed in the formal gardens are a meadow and prairie, a stumpery, winter garden, grass tennis court and ponds. Tucked away in the south side, sits our Secret Garden, a romantic spot with discreet views of the Hall, picture-perfect for an on-screen lovers rendezvous.

The red saloon at Ragley Hall
Ragley Hall
Ragley Hall music room
The lake at Ragley Hall
Rooms at Ragley Hall

Make Ragley your venue

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