Ragley celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’S Reign with new planting for The Queen’s Green Canopy in collaboration with local schools, businesses and customers.

— 30th March 2023 —

On Saturday 25th March, Lord and Lady Hertford commemorated the life of the late Queen Elizabeth II with a new avenue of trees being planted on the Ragley estate.

The avenue, made up of 70 trees, commemorates The Queen’s 70-year reign, and will form a Ragley Platinum Jubilee Walk. The trees are a mixture of native species, all grown on the estate and includes 22 Oak trees to symbolise the year of the Platinum Jubilee. The balance are Limes, Sycamore, Hornbeam and London Plane, re-instating a 300-metre historic avenue within the parkland.

The first tree was planted by the Marquess and Marchioness of Hertford’s son Lord Edward alongside his fiancée Issy, who are due to marry on 6th May, the day of King Charles’ Coronation.

Alongside the trees donated by Lord and Lady Hertford, they have also planted trees on behalf of a number of primary schools close to the estate. Teachers and pupils from 10 schools were invited to come along to the estate to be photographed with the tree dedicated in their name.

Lord Hertford has always taken a keen interest in environmental matters and particularly tree planting across the estate. “I am excited to be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee with a commemorative avenue of trees as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy project. We have a number of ancient trees across the parkland, and we are constantly looking for ways to regenerate the estate with new planting that will form the great canopy of ancient trees for future generations.

“This project is made more special by Edward’s involvement. I am delighted that he and Issy have planted the first tree as it also connects them to the Queen’s Green Canopy project, and to the estate. They are getting married on 6th May, the same day as King Charles’ coronation, and we will be celebrating here at Ragley.”

Mayor of Stratford, Gill Cleeve along with Kathryn Cargill, Mayor of Alcester and Chairman of Stratford District Council, Mark Cargill, joined a group of children from several local primary schools for planting. “I am delighted to be a part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative at Ragley Hall which marks 96 years of Her Majesty’s remarkable life and become part of a lasting tribute to her extraordinary service to our country” commented The Mayor of Stratford. “Involving children from local schools in the planting is also a great chance to connect with each other and inspire young people as the future custodians of the UK’s green spaces, forests and woodlands.”

Alongside the family and schools, Lord & Lady Hertford invited businesses associated with the estate, and event organisers who use the estate, to also dedicate a tree in their name. Local supplier S E Davis has supported the project by supplying staff and equipment to prepare the ground for planting, followed by a team from Limebridge Rural Services who have been hard at work planting all 70 trees.

“Limebridge Rural Services are privileged to have the opportunity to plant the Ragley Estate’s Queen’s Green Canopy initiative with trees grown on the Estate at Limebridge Farm.  We are confident the 70 trees planted this year will create a very enduring environmental feature for many generations to follow and admire in the park setting of Ragley Hall.” John Stedman: Director, Limebridge Rural Services Ltd.

The finished avenue will appear on the Queen’s Green Canopy Map, and each of the supporters will be recognised with an individual name plaque for their tree.

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