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Bluebell Walks

28th April 2017

Anne Bronte wrote: “There is a silent eloquence/ In every wild bluebell/ That fills my softened heart with bliss/ That words could never tell.” 

With temperatures increasing and days getting longer, the spring has finally arrived. Nature is waking up from the winter’s hibernation and showing off its beauty through colourful blooms. First with snowdrops, later with daffodils and now it’s time for one of the most famous and unmistakable woodland flowers – bluebells.

It takes at least five years for a bluebell seed to grow into a bulb and the UK is home to 50% of the global bluebell population. Therefore, in the UK the bluebell is a protected species and it is a criminal offence to remove them.

Ragley’s ancient Ladies Wood floor is covered with a carpet of bluebells nestled in the bright green foliage as far as the eye can see. In the shade of the wood, the first thing that hits you is the scent of the bluebells, a breath of sweetness on the wind. Legend has it that a field of bluebells is intricately woven with fairy enchantments.

Join Ragley’s Head Gardener Mark Morrell on a guided Bluebell Walk in Ladies Wood. Take a scenic backdrop to a springtime walk in the afternoon.


28th April 2017

12:00PM, 1:30PM & 3:00PM

Walking time is approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Appropriate footwear and pre-booking is essential.

For more information and to book your tour, please call: 01789 762090 or email: